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Castle Lubovna is situated to the east of High Tatras and it belongs to the complex of fortresses which once protected the northern borders of the former Hungary with Poland. It defended and controlled the important merchant's route from the east to the west as well as the road through the anciet border check-point leading to Poland. There was also a river
cargo port there, from which goods were transported on rafts (mostly the famous Hungarian wine) down the river Poprad, Dunajec and Vistula to Warsaw (capital of Poland) and to the Baltic Sea ports.

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Castle had been founded in 13th Century, but it existed most probably earlier. The castle belonged originally to the King, but soon it became a feud of the top aristocratic families Aba and Drugeth. The latter had returned it after 1330 to the King. In 1396, the King Zigismund of Luxembourg had lived there for a long time. In 1412, negotiations between the Hungarian King and Roman Emperor Zigismund and the Polish King Vladislav II Jagellon were held here, concerning the fight against the cruisaders and the Turks as well.

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However, in the same year, the castle with the adjacent villages and towns, and with further 13 Spis towns fell under a special international status, since the King Zigismund for the borrowed money had rented the castle to the Polish King.  However, the contract originally intended as temporary, lasted then not less than 360 years. And that's very interesting, though the castle remained Hungarian possession, it was actually ruled by the Polish King through the captains-mayors who belonged to the high Polish aristocracy, who not only maintained it, but also forced the adjacent towns and villages to pay taxes and tenths from the castle's feuds. A part of money thus obtained remained in their own pocket and a part of it was paid to the Polish Crown.

In 1419, the King Vladislav lived at the castle for 3 weeks and in 1439, international negotiations between Hungary and Poland were held there. In the first half of the 16th Century, the castle was architectionally modernized. The works performed during
1554-1557 virtually gave the castle today's shape and size. In 1587, the castle was occupied for two years by Austrian army.lubovna1.jpg (7316 bytes)
About 1593, the castle became a feud of Lubomirsky family, important Polish politicians and army commanders. The castle remained in their possession already until 1745. At the onset of the 17th Cent. Sebastian Lubomirsky reconstructed the castle.
His son Stanislav Lubomirsky, in 1642-1647 had reconstructed the new palace nearby th Gun Bastion, the chapel and the entrance gate. In 1655-1661, the Polish coronation treasury was hidden here from Swedish army. After the death of Theodor Lubomirsky in 1745, the castle went back under the Polish Crown - to the hand of the Queen Maria Teresia.The last Polish owner of castle was the King's brother Kazimierz Poniatowski.

After the transfer of the castle under Hungarian management, it was used by the army. In 1825, the castle was reconstructed by Felix Raisz who reconstructed a part of it into an inhabitable state and he himself lived there.  In 1880 it was purchased by the Polish nobleman Zamoyski who reconstructed it and used as his seat.

During the World War II it was ocupied by German army and gestapo. People were imprisoned there, questioned and tortured. Those tortured to death were thrown to the deep castle well. After the end of war, castle was confiscated by Czechoslovak state.

Another sights in my region


Neighbour to the district of Stara Lubovna, about 25 miles faraway. Bardejov has beautiful historical town square, where is church of St. Egidius with 2nd highest altar in the world and other historical sights.

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Castle Spis

The biggest castle in Central Europe. Also it's castle under protection of UNESCO.

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Metropole of Eastern Slovakia.

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Center of Kosice at night - Cathedral of St. Elizabeth


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