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Uff...I have so many diverse interests that I don't know where to start...

Maybe some "technical data" about me will interesting or funny?   for someone :-)

Weight 180cm, 5.11''
Height 82kg
Eyes and Hair brown
Measurements 105-75-100cm
Zodiac sign Libra

All links to these topics I mentioned here you can find in feature Favorite

Sports  I think I could start with sport. I'm big fan almost of aIl kinds of sports.       Mainly of volleyball, skiing, hockey, swimming, football (european), but also horse driving and many many another ...  I'm member of Volleyball referees association. I enjoy watching every Olympic games.  Also you can visit official site of candidate for Olympic games 2006 - Poprad Tatry, which is about 35 miles from my town Stara Lubovna.

History  Slovakia is very reach country with its history. More about history in my region you can find out in feature History.

Psychology  What a wonderful creation is human personality ! I've got two types of my favorite links for you - first is for Slovaks, who don't understand English and second for English speaking people 

Music  Usual question most of young people - What's your favorite music ? My usual answer is - everything except commercial... I try to say at least a few favorite names of my music interest.       My favorite singer is Ilona Csak, very good looking and very good singing woman from Czech rep.  Another great name of music is Frankie Sinatra, of course there is a lot of other names and bands - U2, Metallica, Jimi Hendrix, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Gipsy Kings, Gloria Estefan, George Michael... my favorite musicals are Jesus Christ the Superstar and Hair. When I'm very sad or tired (not often:-)), I used to hear classical music of Mozart, Beethoven, Verdi or Vivaldi, great music produced also Czech autors Smetana and Dvorak. In fact I love good rock,soul, grunge, funky, house - it depends on my taste...            

Nature - I love nature with all its beauty, I think you can find pretty nice pics of nature in my region. Yes, all around here is very beauty and virgin nature.

Food - great thanks to GOD, because he gave me great possibilities of extra fine taste and cuch...He mades from me real gastronomian. And thanks to Him again - he gave me the best world cooking mother! (I know, I says everyone - of course, mothers are best cookers..:-) If you have some good receipes, please, be so kind a send me some of them!

Girls!!! - oh, oh...uff, uff... I can't express how much pretty is that God's creation. Real interest of all men. Happiness for eyes...Balsam for soul... not only good food taste very good ;-) ...

Cars - thing of interest the most men in the world...

Well, that's all that is enough to make happy a person like me - and I don't mention many other things I'm interested in, but if I was interested in them, I wouldn't interested in ones I have mentioned ...:-)



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